Union County Vector Control District

2622 Bearco Loop, La Grande, OR 97850
(541) 963-2974     eMail us

The Union County Vector Control District was created in June 1968 under provisions of the Oregon revised statues to provide a program for the relief from mosquitoes throughout Union County.
The District is independently operated under the direction of a board made up of volunteers from Union County.

The primary objectives of Vector Control are to:
1. Protect the public from discomfort and adverse effects of mosquito bites; and
2. Minimize the risk of human exposure to mosquito born disease.


Everyone benefits from mosquito control – ranchers, townsfolk and tourists.
District wide aerial application of Malathion is no longer possible due to state regulations and increasing potential of insect resistance.
The district is transitioning to “state-of-the-art” mosquito control techniques.
The new techniques include biological and larvicide control.
The new techniques have been very effective in the areas where they have been applied.
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